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                              New EU Battery Legislation for Batteries 
Winston and GBS Energy will be adhering to this new ('Battery Passport') legislation

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About us

Actually, more than 80% of products sold in the EU are made in China. Production capacities, their technical background hand in hand with logistic infrastructure is high and more efficient then here in Europe, but more importantly: it´s already up and running. The manufacturers we are in cooperation have everything in order to produce high quality products: large premises with cutting edge technologies, experience and know-how in large scale manufacturing, just to mention the most important aspects. There is a number of different manufacturers and suppliers to choose from: we „just“ made that final selection of the best ones for us and for you. The cells (and batteries that are made from) are an A-grade quality. Furthermore, it took us hundreds of hours in search for manufacturers, visiting them in person on sites, testing their products and fine-tunning them in regard to our requirements. All our battery packs are assembled, tested, and supported in / from the UK By assembling a battery storage system from cells, you gain an indisputable advantage over battery "Black-Boxes" from dubious manufacturers.
The individual battery cells are interchangeable, they are not welded together in any way. All components can be easily replaced or repaired thanks to the availability of spare parts.
Our battery sets are thus fully repairable, which is how we want to realistically extend the life cycle of the entire storage systems and thus save the environment.
We can put our batteries into 'boxes' if required

Our Club Car and EZ-GO lithium batteries come pre-assembled in a 'drop-in' ready-to-go black box with bluetooth BMS

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